1. Valid Passport

Applicant must submit a passport valid for at least 6 months. Submit a clear color copy of the passport’s personal detail page with a separate passport-sized picture.

2. Visa Application Form

Application Form, click here for the form. The form must be duly completed, signed and attached with 01 original photos (2 x 2 inches).

Note: You can upload a passport photo and Smart Visas will print it for a fee of $15.00 instead of providing physical passport photos. Click here to upload a photo.

* The proposed date of entry is the date your visa will be valid from. The visa will expires 1/3/6 months after this date. There are different fees for 1, 3 or 6 months visa. You can enter and exit the country on any date within this time window of 1/3/6-months. It is not possible to enter or exit out of the above mentioned time frame printed on the visa.

* A change of date of entry (starting date for the visa to be effective from) can be made by bringing the valid un-used visa to the Consulate, re-submitting the form and paying a partial visa fee. The processing time is less than 30 minutes.

* Standard processing time. 3 – 5 business days.

For expedited processing, the applicants have the option to request EXPEDITED SAME-DAY of NEXT-DAY processing of the visa if the travel date is approaching or the original passport has to be sent to other Consulates for visa application.

Consulate Fees:

Single entry 1 month – U.S.D 80.00

Rush visa 1 month – U.S.D 130.00

Multiple entries 1 month – U.S.D 135.00

Rush 1 month – U.S.D 180.00

Ship Documents to Smart Visas and Passport Services with a pre-paid return shipping envelope with a tracking number via FedEx, UPS, etc, only.

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